I Wake Up

I wake up several times each morning. At least once when my housemate leaves for work. I can’t sleep through that. Occasionally, I will also wake up while she’s making breakfast. I wake up again when my alarm goes off. Then I’m faced with a choice: get up or go back to sleep.

So often, I don’t know why I get up. Why I put on my clothes and exercise. It’s 7:30 am. I don’t leave for work until 10:30.

I think it may just be the anxiety. The anxiety of staying in bed. The anxiety that something is wrong and I need to take care of it. How nice it would be, to not have to face that in the morning.

Most people probably assume that I’m just an early riser.

Career Opportunities

Iris is still looking for a job. She’s applied a lot of places. I’m tired of waiting. I want money now.

My bike’s tire needs to be trued. I’ll probably take it into Missing Link, the co-operative bike shop in Berkeley, and have them take a look. I hope it doesn’t cost too much to fix. Whenever I head in there, I always end up spending over $100 to get my bike fixed.

My upstairs neighbors decided to leave their couch in front of my/our house. I want to set fire to it. Then maybe the fire department will remove it.